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When is it time to see an endodontist?

It’s important to take care of real tooth pain as soon as possible. You’ll feel better and likely save your tooth. Some people may fear having work done on their teeth, but there’s no need to fear root canal treatment. When it comes to relieving your dental discomfort, endodontists can usually get you feeling better and back to work the same day.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain and have sensitivity to hot or cold, it might be time to let an endodontist examine your tooth.

Alternatively, if you have been involved in an accident receiving facial trauma and/or there is swelling around the teeth, gums or your face, make an appointment with an endodontist that day. In any case, delaying treatment for a tooth that is acting up may complicate your case and lessen the chances of saving your tooth.

Endodontists obtain two or more years of specialized training above and beyond dental school. They are highly skilled in diagnosing tooth pain and extremely talented in performing procedures within your tooth.